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GUWAHATI: Meghalaya on Saturday came on the country's rail map more than six decades after Independence, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagging off the first train to the northeastern state and favouring privatization of railway stations. 

"Railway facilities are the same as they were 100 years back ... Privatize the railway stations and modernise them," he said after flagging off the first train linking Meghalaya. 

"I will make it in 10-12 places. Stations should be better than airports as most travellers are poor people. We can easily have trains running below and commercial properties above (floor)," Modi reasoned. 

At a time when real estate is very expensive, railways should leverage its properties by allowing private parties to build luxury hotels, restaurants and other facilities, he added. 

He said once this exercise is completed in these places, the government will carry out modernization of stations across the country. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (left) with Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi at the NF Railway Stadium in Maligaon, Guwahati, during the flagging off of first train between Mendipathar (Meghalaya) and Guwahati. 

The Prime Minister on Saturday inaugurated the Mendipathar-Guwahati passenger train and laid the foundation stone of broad gauge conversion of Bhairabi-Sairang line in Mizoram. 

Modi said the Indian Railways have the potential to become the backbone of the country's economic activity. 

"We will not be happy in just adding one coach or upgrading one station. We want both horizontal and vertical development of the railways. It can become the engine of Indian economy," he added. 

The government has already allowed 100 per cent foreign direct investment to completely modernize the railway transportation in the country, he said. 

Modi said the government has decided to open four railway universities in the four corners of the country where all aspects of railway service will be taught. 

Modi, on efforts to modernize railways, said under new rail minister Suresh Prabhu (above) things will move ahead at a very quick pace. 

He said railway can be a mode of eco-friendly mass transportation, which will be India's contribution to contain global warming. 

Talking about connectivity to northeast, Modi said: "Infrastructure is the most important factor to develop northeast. If we want to develop India, we have to develop northeast." 

Giving example of good roads in South Korea, he said India, particularly this region, should have better connectivity to leverage its potential. 

"The upper middle class in India wants to go for visiting places once or twice a year. They keep searching for good places. If we have good connectivity, then they will come to northeast as it is full of natural beauty and lovely people. 

"Once infrastructure is developed, rest all will be done by the public," Modi said. 

The Prime Minister also favoured connecting northeast digitally by installing optical fibre network so that people in remotest area can also avail all facilities of the cyber world. 

"We have to take forward 'Look Act Policy'. We have 'Look East Policy' and now we will have 'Act East Policy'. Northeast will be the centre of development," he added. 

6 फोरेंसिक टीम गठित कर सर्च अभियान

संत रामपाल के बरवाला स्थित सतलोक आश्रम में पहले दिन चले सर्च अभियान के दौरान शुक्रवार को हथियारों का भारी जखीरा बरामद हुआ। फोरेंसिक टीम को आश्रम से दो विस्फोटक बम के साथ-साथ 26 एयर गन और राइफल मिली हैं, जिन्हें पुलिस ने अपने कब्जे में ले लिया है।
हिसार|रामपाल हिंदू धार्मिक परंपराओं के खिलाफ था। इस लिए गुरु दीक्षा देने से पहले उसने अपने ग्यारह नियम बनाए थे। इसमें व्रत रखने से मना करने के साथ किसी की मौत होने पर पिंड भरवाने तक रोक लगा रखी थी। यहां तक घर में किसी प्रकार हवन यज्ञ और धार्मिक अनुष्ठान करने तक की रोक थी। यदि इनमें से एक भी नियम कोई साधक तोड़ता है तो उसे नाम रहित कर दिया जाता था।
रामपाल के सतलोक आश्रम में कोई भी नया व्यक्ति आता था तो उससे पहले दीक्षा ली या नहीं उसके बारे में पूछा जाता। दीक्षा लेने वाला ही आश्रम के अंदर जा सकता था। दीक्षा लेने की हां भरने के बाद वह आश्रम के अंदर जा सकता था। वहां उससे एक फार्म भरवाया जाता था। इसमें फार्म नंबर, व्यक्ति का नाम, पिता का नाम, आयु, पता, फोन नंबर देना होता था। इसमें दीक्षा लेने वाले के प्रथम उपदेश की तिथि लिखी जाती। उसके बाद हाजरी दो, तीन और चार होगी। आश्रम में आने वाले व्यक्ति को इसके बाद सरनाम की तिथि दी जाती थी। यह रिकार्ड आश्रम में आने वाले हर व्यक्ति का हैं।

टूजी मामले की जांच से अलग रहने के सुप्रीम कोर्ट के आदेश की फजीहत झेल रहे सीबीआई निदेशक रंजीत सिन्हा का कार्यकाल सिर्फ 12 दिन बचा है। मगर सरकार की मुसीबत है कि वह
इतनी जल्दी नए निदेशक की नियुक्ति का फैसला नहीं लिया जा सकता।
WASHINGTON: Barack Obama will become the first American president to visit India twice while in office following his acceptance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's invitation to be the chief guest at India's Republic Day on January 26. It will also mark the first time that a US president will have the honor of attending Republic Day which commemorates the adoption of India's Constitution, the White House said, while confirming Obama's travel program.
US President Obama to return to India

The visit will involve more than the pomp and ceremony usually associated with Republic Day. Affirming the strong message of friendship that India's conveys with its choice of the chief guest, the White House announcement also said the ''President will meet with the Prime Minister and Indian officials to strengthen and expand the US-India strategic partnership.''

- - - - -

 India's star batsman Suresh Raina  completed   the  SwacchBharat Challenge in his home town, Ghaziabad, on   after being nominated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier this month.

"Swacch Bharat abhiyaan is a synonym of patriotism. Feel elated at having completed my challenge. Thanks @PMOIndia," he wrote on Twitter.

अपनी बहन की शादी में सलमान पूरे रंग और जोश में थे। इस जोश में उन्होंने अपनी एक्स गर्लफ्रेंड कटरीना 

कैफ की टांग खींचने में कोई कसर नहीं छोड़ी। शादी में जब चिकनी चमेली गाना बजा तो सलमान ने माइक लिया और बोले, 'कटरीना कैफ, कटरीना कैफ तुम्हारा गाना बज रहा है। प्लीज स्टेज पर आओ।' 
World Bank approves $285 million to fight Ebola - ABP News

Washington: The World Bank has approved a grant of $285 million to finance the three west African countries hardest hit by the Ebola crisis.

The grant is part of the nearly 1 billion dollars of financing previously announced by the World Bank for Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, reports Xinhua.

The additional financing will enable the three countries to deploy additional national and international health workers, scale up community-based care and community engagement for early detection of suspected Ebola cases, the World Bank in a statement Tuesday.
Man Utd and Arsenal target Alessio Cerci put up for sale by Atletico Madrid | Football | Sport | Daily Express

Despite only joined the ranks at Atletico in the summer, Cerci is already being linked with a move away after struggling to adapt to life in Spain. 
Diego Simeone paid £13m for his services from Serie A outfit Torino, but is yet to hand the Italy international a start this season.
The versatile attacker had offers from Manchester United and Arsenal before his move to the La Liga title holders.
And the Premier League pair are expected to offer the 27-year-old a life-line in January, with today's reports in Spain claiming Atletico have put him on the market.
The Spanish outfit are reportedly willing to let Cerci leave for the price they paid for him only a few months ago, with both Louis van Gaal and Arsene Wenger having those funds at their disposal.
With Cerci’s proven record in Italy, new Inter Milan boss Roberto Mancini is also understood to be interested in his service.
Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan to marry beau Aayush Sharma | The Indian Express

Salman Khan’s younger sister Arpita Khan who is dating a Delhi based boy Aayush Sharma, is all set to tie the knot in 2015.
Though the details of their wedding are still under wraps, we hear that the families of these two love birds have agreed to this alliance. It was being said, that, parents of the two recently met up at Shimla along with the ‘to be’ bride and groom while enjoying a relaxing holiday.
Prior to this, Arpita Khan was in a serious relationship with Arjun Kapoor. Now we also hear that Aayush Sharma too plans to have a career in Bollywood.

Salman Khan's sister's wedding: Hyderabadi Biryani, Haleem on dinner - The Times of India

Salman Khan's sister's wedding'HyderabadiBiryani', 'Haleem' and 'PatharKaGosht' (meat cooked on stone) are among the popular Deccani cuisines to be served to guests at the wedding of superstar SalmanKhan's sister Arpita here on Tuesday.
Luxury heritage hotel Taj Falaknuma, located in old city, has been booked by Salman for two days and is all set to wear a special look for the gala ceremony for which invitees list includes some top Bollywood and Tollywood personalities.
"The entire hotel has been booked for November 18 and 19 with a view to keep gatecrashers at bay," a source said.
The Khan family is keen to have some of the Hyderabadi delicacies to be included in the menu, and preparations for the star-studded affair are already in full swing.
"Brunches, lunches and dinners throughout the event will have all the dishes, including some oriental. But for the main dinner (on November 18), it is going to be Hyderabadi cuisine like Biryani and Pathar Ka Gosht," a source said.
Perched atop a hill, Falaknuma (mirror of the sky in Urdu) has 60 beautifully refurbished and restored rooms. The palace of the seventh Nizam, Mehboob Ali Khan, (Nizams are rulers of erstwhile Hyderabad State) was restored into a luxury hotel in 2010 and is run by Taj Group of Hotels.
"The Khans have specifically asked to add 'Kachche Gosht Ki Biryani' (raw meat Biryani) and Haleem because they had it in the hotel earlier," the source said.
As for the security and privacy of the VIPs going to attend the marriage of Salman's youngest sister, who will tie the knot with long-time beau Aayush Sharma, only the invitees would be allowed into the hotel, known for its opulence.
When contacted, South Zone Deputy Commissioner of Police V Satyanarayana said they have received a request from the hotel management to assist them in security arrangements.
Around 200 guests are expected to attend the marriage, and police will ensure that there is no inconvenience caused to them, he said.

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Male Homosexuality
CHICAGO (AP) — A large study of gay brothers adds to evidence that genes influence men's chances of being homosexual, but the results aren't strong enough to prove it.
Some scientists believe several genes might affect sexual orientation. Researchers who led the new study of nearly 800 gay brothers say their results bolster previous evidence pointing to genes on the X chromosome.
They also found evidence of influence from a gene or genes on a different chromosome. But the study doesn't identify which of hundreds of genes located in either place might be involved.
Smaller studies seeking genetic links to homosexuality have had mixed results.
The new evidence "is not proof but it's a pretty good indication" that genes on the two chromosomes have some influence over sexual orientation, said Dr. Alan Sanders, the lead author. He studies behavioral genetics at NorthShore University HealthSystem Research Institute in Evanston, Illinois.
Experts not involved in the study were more skeptical.
Neil Risch, a genetics expert at the University of California, San Francisco, said the data are statistically too weak to demonstrate any genetic link. Risch was involved in a smaller study that found no link between male homosexuality and chromosome X.
Dr. Robert Green, a medical geneticist at Harvard Medical School, called the new study "intriguing but not in any way conclusive."
The work was published Monday by the journal Psychological Medicine. The National Institutes of Health paid for the research.
The researchers say they found potential links to male homosexuality in a portion of chromosome X and on chromosome 8, based on an analysis of genetic material in blood or saliva samples from participants.
Chromosome X is one of two human sex chromosomes; the other is chromosome Y, present only in men.
The study authors note that animal research suggests a gene located in one region of chromosome X may contribute to some sexual behavior; it's one of the same regions cited in the new study.
Specific causes of homosexuality are unknown. Some scientists think social, cultural, family and biological factors are involved, while some religious groups consider it an immoral choice.
Study participant Dr. Chad Zawitz, a Chicago physician, called the research "a giant step forward" toward answering scientific questions about homosexuality and helping reduce the stigma gays often face.
Being gay "is sort of like having certain eye color or skin color — it's just who you are," Zawitz said. "Most heterosexuals I know didn't choose to be heterosexual. It's puzzling to me why people don't understand."
Sanders' research:
 Family Function With Mother Aishwarya Rai Bachchan A picture from the ceremony was posted where she is seen with her whole family posing for the photo. She is dressed in a lovely red salwar kameez and holding Aaradhya in her hand. Aaradhya was seen dressed in pink frock with two ponytails. Well she looked cute in the photo along with her mom. Well as we know the Bachchan’s are known for their etiquettes and style, Aishwarya RaiBachchan too has followed the family trends and made it compulsory for Aaradhya to learn family relations and their importance. Well the Bachchan bahu surely impresses us in everything she does.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a doting mother and nothing can keep her away from her daughter and her upbringing.
Recently she assured that she visited her hometown in Mangalore along with Aaradhya. She visited her parent Vrinda Rai and Krishanaraj Rai. She was there to attend her cousin’s baby shower ceremony.
AishwaryaRai Bachchan has lot of commitments as she has signed films and she has to visit events. However she has always given her priority to family and kids and this time too the actress made sure to visit her parents and attend the ceremony. To make the occasion more delightful she even took Aaradhya with herself.
Well this was a really special moment which Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gifted her daughter and assured that she is indeed a supermom. Well we hope that we often see this mother daughter together in such a candid and lively mood and there are more such happy photos to come across.

Cost of Coverage Under Affordable Care Act to Increase in 2015 -

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Friday unveiled data showing that many Americans with health insurance bought under the Affordable Care Act could face substantial price increases next year — in some cases as much as 20 percent — unless they switch plans.
The data became available just hours before the health insurance marketplace was to open to buyers seeking insurance for 2015.
An analysis of the data by The New York Times suggests that although consumers will often be able to find new health plans with prices comparable to those they now pay, the situation varies greatly from state to state and even among counties in the same state.
“Consumers should shop around,” said Marilyn B. Tavenner, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which runs the federal insurance exchange serving three dozen states. “With new options available this year, they’re likely to find a better deal.” She asserted that the data showed that “the Affordable Care Act is working.”
But Republicans quickly pounced on the data as evidence of the opposite.
“Last year, many who liked their plan were surprised to learn they couldn’t keep it,” said Senator Orrin G. Hatch of Utah, who is in line to become chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. “This year, many who like their plan will likely have to pay more to keep it.”
The new data means that many of the seven million people who have bought insurance through federal and state exchanges will have to change to different health plans if they want to avoid paying more — an inconvenience for consumers just becoming accustomed to their coverage.
Continue reading the main story
A new Gallup Poll suggests that seven in 10 Americans with insurance bought through the exchanges rate the coverage and the care as excellent or good, and most were planning to keep it.
In employer-sponsored health plans, employees tend to stay with the same insurer from year to year. But for consumers in the public insurance exchanges, that will often be a mistake, experts said.
Nashville illustrates the need for people with marketplace coverage to look closely at the alternatives available in 2015.
Marilyn B. Tavenner, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which runs the federal health exchange. CreditDoug Mills/The New York Times
A 40-year-old in Nashville, with the cheapest midlevel, or silver plan, will pay $220 a month next year, compared to $181 a month this year, for the same plan.
The least expensive plan is offered by another insurer, Community Health Alliance, one of the so-called co-op plans created under the federal law. It offers coverage for a monthly premium of $194.
But the lower premium means that consumers will have to pay a much larger annual deductible, $4,000, rather than $2,000. A policyholder who becomes seriously ill or has a costly chronic condition could pay hundreds of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses.
India vs Sri Lanka: Rohit Sharma becomes first player to hit two double-hundreds in ODI
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New Delhi: Rohit Sharma on Thursday returns to International cricket with a sublime double hundred against Sri Lanka at Kolkata's historic Eden Gardens. He also becomes the first player to hit 250 and two double hundreds in an One Day International match. He scored his first ODI double against Australia last November in Bangalore.

Interestingly, all the four innings have come in India, all scored by Indian openers. Little Master was the first to achieve the feat, when he scored an unbeaten 200 (149 balls, 25 fours and seven sixes) against South Africa on 24 Feb 2010. Virender Sehwag became the second player to hit a double ton on December 8, 2011 against West Indies. He scored 219 with the help of 25 fours and seven sixes. Rohit Sharma's first double arrived on November 2, 2013 against Australia. He scored 209 off 158 with the help of 12 sixes and 16 sixes.
The right-handed batsman got himself out off the last ball of the innings, trying to clear the straight boundary. But veteran Sri Lankan Mahela Jayawardene took a calm catch off Nuwan Kulasekara. By then, he had already scored an awe-inspiring 264 runs to become the highest scorer in an ODI innings. He is the third player, all Indian, to hit double hundreds in the 50-overs format. Others were batting greats Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag.

He was given a lifeline when on four, with Thisara Perera at third man. In fact, he was dropped three times in his stay at the centre today. After losing two quick wickets in Ajinkya Rahane and Ambati Rayadu, Rohit and stand-in-skipper Virat Kohli revived the innings with a stroke-filled 202-run third wicket partnership.
In his 173-ball innings, he found the fence 33 times with nine sixes. For the fifth wicket partnership he and Robin Uthappa added 128 runs in just 58 balls to decimate the Sri Lankan attack. His innings helped India post a mammoth total of 404 runs in their stipulated 50 overs batting.
The 27-year-old talented batsman was making a comeback to the Indian One Day International squad after an injury lay-off. He last played for India on August 27 against England at Cardiff.
During the England tour, he sustained a fracture on the middle finger of his right hand, and was subsequently ruled out.
With India having already won the five-match series against Sri Lanka, the Indian team management opted to rotate and provide playing time to as many players as possible ahead of the 2015 Cricket World Cup. Thus, brought in Rohit into the Indian fold.
India have won the first three matches in Cuttack, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. After today's Kolkata fixture, the final ODI will be played at Ranchi.

Rosetta mission’s safe landing gives scientists their first chance to ride a comet and study close up what happens as it gets closer to the sun.

The signal broke a seven-hour wait of agonising intensity and sparked scenes of jubilation at the European Space Agency’s mission control in Darmstadt. The team in charge of the Rosetta mission achieved what at times seemed an impossible task by landing a robotic spacecraft on a comet for the first time in history.
The moment the tension broke came shortly after 1600 GMT when the Philae called home. “We are there. We are sitting on the surface. Philae is talking to us,” said a jubilant Stephan Ulamec, Philae lander manager at the DLR German space centre. “We are on the comet.”
Andrea Accomazzo, the Rosetta flight operations director, added: “We cannot be happier than we are now.”
But celebrations were tempered by the later discovery that the probe’s two harpoons had not fired to fasten the craft down in the ultra-low gravity. Scientists now think the probe may have bounced after first coming into contact with the surface. Ulamec said: “Maybe today we didn’t just land once, we landed twice.”
The safe, if precarious, touchdown of the lander gives scientists a unique chance to ride onboard a comet and study from the surface what happens as its activity ramps up as it gets closer to the sun. The first images beamed back from the lander’s descent revealed a dramatic landscape of pits and precipices, craters and boulders. However, there have been gaps in its radio link with the orbiting Rosetta mothership. 
Philae lander lander seen from Rosetta
The Philae lander on its way to the comet, photographed by the Rosetta spacecraft.Photograph: AP
The £1bn ($1.58bn) Rosetta mission aims to unlock the mysteries of comets, made from ancient material that predates the birth of the solar system. In the data Rosetta and Philae collect, researchers hope to learn more of how the solar system formed and how comets carried water and complex organics to the planets, preparing the stage for life on Earth.
Space agencies have sent probes to comets before, but not like this. In 1986, Nasa’s Ice mission flew through the tail of Halley’s comet. In 2005, the agency’s Deep Impact spacecraft fired a massive copper block at comet Temple 1. But none before now has landed.
The feat marks a profound success for the European Space Agency (ESA), which launched the Rosetta spacecraft more than 10 years ago from its Kourou spaceport in French Guiana. Since blasting off in March 2004, Rosetta and its lander Philae have travelled more than 6bn kilometres to catch up with the comet, which orbits the sun at speeds up to 135,000km/h.
“We are the first to do this, and that will stay forever,” said Jean Jacques Dordain, director general of the ESA.
Matt Taylor, a Rosetta project scientist, who had selected an extremely colourful shirt for the event, revealed an impressive – and brave – tattoo of the lander on the comet’s surface.
“Comets are the original source of Earth’s water. That wee lander is now in position, poised to re-write what we know about ourselves,” tweeted Chris Hadfield, the former Canadian astronaut and commander of the International Space Station.
Early data from the lander revealed that it had had a softer landing on comet 67P than expected. But an hour after the landing signal came through, Paolo Ferri, the ESA’s head of mission operations, said that Philae’s twin harpoons, which are intended to secure it in place, had not fired, raising fears about the lander’s stability and chances of clinging on to the comet for long.
Touchdown for the lander played out 510m kilometres from Earth, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, on a comet hurtling through space at more than 18km/s. At so vast a distance, even radio signals travelling at the speed of light take nearly half an hour to travel from Earth to the spacecraft, making real-time control of the landing impossible. Instead, the entire descent was precalculated, uploaded and run automatically.
Landing Philae on the comet’s surface was never going to be easy. When ESA managers got their first closeup of the comet in July, itsunusual rubber duck shape left some fearing that a safe touchdown was impossible. The shape was not the only problem. The comet’s surface was hostile: hills and spectacular jutting cliffs gave way to cratered plains strewn with boulders. If Philae landed on anything other than even ground it could topple over, leaving it stranded and defunct.
Rosetta spent weeks flying around the comet to create a surface map from which mission controllers could choose a landing site. They faced a trade-off: the site had to be fairly flat and clear of boulders, but with a good view of the whole comet and plenty of sunlight to charge the lander’s batteries. From a shortlist of five potential landing spots, scientists and engineers unanimously voted for a 1 sq km region on the comet’s “head” later named Agilkia.
Rosetta scientists celebrate
Scientists celebrate at the space centre in Toulouse as they learn that Philae has landed. Photograph: Remy Gabalda/AFP/Getty Images
At the start of the mission, ESA officials had assumed the comet would be potato shaped and rated their chances of a successful landing at 75%. After seeing the shape and terrain of their target close up, those odds fell to around 50%, but climbed again as technical staff learned more about the landing site.
The confidence did not last long though. On Tuesday night, hours before Philae had left its mothership, the chances of a safe landing took another dip. Overnight, a thruster on the lander failed to respond to commands sent from Earth. Engineers tried for hours to correct the fault but to no avail. The malfunction threatened to abort the mission, but at 0235 GMT on Wednesday mission controllers decided to go ahead with the landing regardless.
The nitrogen thruster, facing upwards from the top of the lander, was designed to fire for 60 seconds as Philae touched down to prevent it from bouncing off the comet’s surface where the gravitational pull is several hundred thousand times weaker than on Earth.
Philae picture of mothership
Philae’s shot of its mothership shortly after separation. Photograph: ESA/Handout/ESA/Handout/Corbis
For the mission team, the seven-hour descent, during which Philae fell at walking speed towards the comet’s surface, was a nail-biting experience. The lander separated from its mothership at 0835 GMT with confirmation received on Earth at 0903. For the early part of the 20km descent, Philae was expected to be out of contact with Rosetta. Around 1100 GMT the mothership reacquired a signal from the lander, which duly unfurled its legs and began to take pictures. The first image taken just 50 seconds after separation revealed a look back at the mothership, one of its 14-metre-long solar arrays clearly visible, as Philae fell silently to its destination.
One hour from touchdown, Philae was on the right course. Ulamec of the DLR German space centre said everything looked “fantastic”. Telemetry from the lander showed that it was rotating, but not enough to cause problems.
Philae picture in Toulouse
Scientists in Toulouse look at the first picture transmitted by Philae. Photograph: Remy Gabalda/AFP/Getty Images
From its orbit around the comet, the Rosetta probe will take more high-resolution images and gather information on the body’s density, temperature and chemical makeup. It will also capture dust and gas released in ever more violent jets from the comet’s nucleus as it nears the sun.
From its vantage point on the surface, the lander can drill down 20cm and collect samples of subsurface material for on-the-spot testing. On board Philae are 10 instruments, including one from the Open University named Ptolemy which will bake pieces of comet material and analyse the gases given off to build up a picture of the comet’s composition. Another instrument, the Comet Nucleus Sounding Experiment by Radiowave Transmission (Consert), will reveal the comet’s internal structure by passing radio waves through the icy body to Rosetta on the other side.
The Rosetta mission is planned to run until December 2015, but if enough fuel remains in the spacecraft’s tanks, mission controllers may extend its life by six months and give the mothership more high-risk tasks, such as flying through one of the gas and dust jets streaming from the comet. Philae has initial battery power to last 40 hours but will then switch to rechargeable ones replenished by sunlight.
The lander could continue working until March next year, when the electronics will become too warm to work properly. Even when Philae packs up, it may still cling on to the comet, perhaps for several 6.45-year-long laps around the sun, before enough material erodes from the comet’s surface for the lander to lose its grip.
Rosetta celebrations at Darmstadt

Sena doesn't pull punches, says BJP only aiming to stay in power


 “BJP asks us to give it support on the basis of similar ideologies and principles. You (BJP) also know that the ideology of NCP is only to loot Maharashtra,” it alleged.
Firing a fresh salvo ahead of Maharashtra Bharatiya Janata Party government’s trust vote on Wednesday, Shiv Sena has warned its former ally that it will be disrespecting people’s mandate if it takes support of Nationalist Congress Party which “nibbled the state coffers like a mouse”.
“Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis once said that he wants to run the government for the people. But how do you plan to run the government taking support of a party that has been discarded by the people of the state? Will you win the trust vote taking support of a party which has nibbled at the state coffers like a mouse? Will you take support of a mouse?”, the Sena said in an editorial in its mouthpiece Saamna.
Taunting its former ally, the party said the BJP is ready to take Sena’s support to save face during the trust vote, but is unrelenting on carrying forward talks regarding Sena’s role in the state government.
“BJP asks us to give it support on the basis of similar ideologies and principles. You (BJP) also know that the ideology of NCP is only to loot Maharashtra,” it alleged.
“But you (BJP) have nothing to do with that? You are ready to take their unconditional support,” the Sena said while asking the BJP “on whose tunes it plans to dance now”.
It is a strange scenario where the party with largest mandate is joining hands with a party that fared badly during the recent assembly elections, the Sena said.
“Why was the NCP thrown to the fourth position this time? What kind of principles does the BJP talk about when it agrees to take support of a party which was relegated to the fourth position by the people,” it said.
“Saving the government is the only priority of BJP, for which it will also take support of the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen which is working towards vitiating the minds of people,” the Sena alleged.